【BYB AMSTERDAM】 Trucker-Limited Bule Cobla

【BYB AMSTERDAM】 Trucker-Limited Bule Cobla

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  • Limited model of tracker, material is suede leather. The suede part is embossed to express a batik pattern. Since it is a limited quantity model, only a few are produced in one season. The original pattern is used for the mesh part at the rear of the cap. Italian suede leather is used for the forehead and brim. The rear adjuster is made of the same leather as the forehead, and the buckle is made from the original cast for a unique finish. * Batik is a "wax-dyed cloth". Wax dyeing is a technique of covering areas other than the color to be dyed with wax. It is known as "Java Chintz" in Japan.

SPEC -スペック-+
  • Calf Suede-牛革-


SIZE -サイズ-+
    • FREE(CM)

    • spit 7

    • height 14

    • Head circumference 56~60

    ※The measurement is done flat (cm). Please note that there may be individual differences for each product, so please note that some errors may occur.